Created by Carmen Vallejo
and her husband Rey Febles, the Carmen and Rey Kids with Cancer Program supports children suffering from all forms of cancer by providing emotional, psychological, spiritual, and material support. Their purpose is to help these children grow and face life with courage, faith and dignity. They have organized a weekly support group for their patients where they are able to share laughter and tears with those who understand them. Carmen and Rey feel that shared suffering strengthens them to find real peace in times of pain. Fundaci�n Amistad has worked closely with Carmen and Rey in the past years, and has donated much needed supplies to their cause, and are hoping to help more!

If you would like to donate to the Carmen and Rey Kids with Cancer Program, please enter an amount in the box to the left then click the 'Donate' button. On behalf of Carmen & Rey's kids, thank you.

Below are some of the stories from a few children in the program.


Daniela was barely two months old when her parents received the devastating diagnosis. Their little girl had cancer, bone cancer. She underwent many painful procedures, several surgeries and a rigorous chemotherapy.
Today she is 8 years old and her cancer is in remission. She goes to school and actively participates in a children's choir. She is brave and prays every night for her sick friends with cancer and for her family. She likes telling her ill friends: "When you are receiving an injection or a painful treatment although you cry, be brave like the Infant Jesus."


When Deynier was 10 years old he was diagnosed with Hodgkin�s disease. Immediately he had to receive intense treatments for nearly 2 years. There were times when his family had to travel over a hundred miles round trip for treatment. Still to this day, Deynier and his mother have to travel back and forth from his town to the hospitals in Havana. He and his mother received needed support and encouragement from the group of Carmen and Rey's children. He is an amazing, smart and strong person who likes studying English and computer. He plays chess and joins our group when his illness allows him.

Jose Armando

Unfortunately, Jose Armando passed away on February 11, 2007, he was barely 8 years old. His mother abandoned him and his father when he was only 5 months old. His battle against cancer lasted almost 3 years. He was a very sweet and kind child. When the group of Carmen and Rey's children met Jose Armando and his father they were sad and very shy.
With the love and care of our spiritual family of kids with cancer, Jose and his father recovered their smiles and became part of the support group. He is greatly missed by the group, who have kept him and his father in their prayers.


What began as strong headaches and high fever was soon diagnosed as Retinoblastoma, a type on eye cancer that most often occurs in children younger than 5 years old. Pablo began treatment/surgery to remove the tumor, chemotherapy and radiations. He is doing much better and is bravely coping with his illness. His smiles and positive outlook give his mother hope. Through his battle with cancer, he has maintained a positive attitude always telling his mother "never give up because God is with us." Now Pablo is 9 years old. He loves baseball, drawing and craft. He and his mother join Carmen and Rey�s group every month when he comes to Havana for his check-up. He prays every day for all the kids with cancer to be healed.


In the beginning of 2007 Talia was diagnosed with cancer. She was 7 years old. Her battle with cancer is a long haul. Talia is still receiving chemotherapy and undergoes painful procedures. She lost her hair and had to stop going to school because of the therapy. However Talia completed her school year between chemotherapy sessions. Like so many children of her age she enjoys drawings, music and playing with dolls. Despite her frequent treatments, Talia and her mother manage to join Carmen and Rey�s group every Saturday. They are very grateful for having a spiritual support in times of crisis.