This initiative uses the power of art and architecture to surmount cultural, political and social boundaries to help increase understanding between the peoples of the United States and Cuba. Each year our Bridges to Culture initiative is able to bring Cuban/American art and cultural programs to the U.S. through funding and grants provided to Fundación Amistad, supporting the following programs:

  • Capacity & network-building for Cuban arts & cultural institutions
  • Exchange & research trips to promote awareness and appreciation of Cuban arts and culture
  • Sponsorship or in-kind support for Cuban arts and cultural events
  • Sponsorship or in-kind support for preservation of Cuba's cultural heritage



The Idea of Cuba

Photographic documentary by Alex Harris




A collaboration with Harlem Stage/Aaron Davis Hall



Sharing Dreams: Cuban and American Graphic Designers Across the Digital Divide

Exhibit at Queens College in New York City



Kelvin Lopez Nieves Exhibition

Exhibition at the Michael Connors Gallery in New York City



Casa de las Americas

Prominent cultural and educational institution, located in Havana