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Cuban Catholic Church: Havana Pre-School Openings

Cuban Catholic Church:
Havana Pre-School Openings

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Fundación Amistad is positioned with the Catholic Church in Cuba to assist in opening three new pre-schools and a kindergarten classroom in and around Havana -a top priority for the Cuban Catholic Church. These centers will provide care for young children between the ages of two and four, children coming from socially disadvantaged families and often consisting of single mothers. Along with childcare, the centers will provide counseling and support to mothers facing difficult times, as well as make medical and psychological assistance available to the children and families. These services are incredibly vital to helping single mothers become better socially integrated into society.

One of these centers, recently opened at the Havana Cathedral and is at full capacity with 25 children. Thanks to the Ross School in East Hampton, NY, the classroom was fully furnished with thousands of dollars worth of furniture, books, educational toys, and other items when the school year began in September 2015.