U.S.-Cuba Policy Advocacy


Fundación Amistad concentrates its operating resources on substantive programs in education, the arts, culture, and humanitarian aid. At the same time, its continued success in these programs depends to a significant degree on the existence of policies that promote a just and productive relationship that directly benefits the citizens of both countries. To ensure that it continues to pursue its mission effectively, Fundación Amistad believes that it must make its voice heard in ongoing policy debates in the U.S. and Cuba.


Letters to Government Officials and the Press

Letter to the Editor, New York Times, “Cuban Families, Kept Apart” (June 24, 2004)

Letter to U.S. Secretary of State Colin Powell regarding assistance to Cuba (February 27, 2004)   (download PDF)

Letter to the Editor, New York Times, “Relations with Cuba” (January 15, 2004)


Links to Non-Governmental Advocacy Organizations

Latin America Working Group

Washington Office on Latin America


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