Network for Humanitarian Aid

Network for Humanitarian Aid began as a critical response to the Cuban people's need for a variety of medical supplies, most of which are very basic. Many members of Cuba’s most vulnerable population – young children, expectant mothers and the elderly – suffer from illnesses that are readily treatable with the proper medications. Unfortunately, there is scarce availability in Cuba of medicines and other supplies used to treat these illnesses. FA works with volunteer groups, international development organizations and commercial shipping companies to deliver these supplies to Cuba. Its collaborative agreement with the United Nations Development Program allows for the supplies to be properly received in port and delivered to the intended recipients. FA also receives authorizations to facilitate and monitor the shipment of donated supplies by the U.S. Departments of Commerce and Treasury.

Future plans include the creation of a reliable and efficient infrastructure for the donation and forwarding of medical supplies and equipment at hospitals, medical centers, non-government institutions and universities such as Duke and the University of Virginia; and working with the University of Illinois and the Cuban Neuroscience Center on the donation of vitally needed high field MRI systems to Cuban Neurology Centers.



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